Solar Panels

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Namib 83 4x4 solar kit.

  • Flexible, virtually unbreakable roll-out solar panel
  • Kit consists of 1 x 83 watt roll-out solar panel, solar regulator/monitor, 10m cabling, Anderson connectors and a protective carry bag
  • Resilient to partial shading, low light and overcast conditions
  • Produces power even with multiple punctures
  • Fully customisable on request with C-Tek, MPPT, cabling etc
  • Produces up to 15% more energy per day than glass panels
  • Rated output 83 watts at 5 amps
  • Dimensions: rolled up in bag, 45cm height x 35cm diameter. Deployed, 295cm length x 45 cm width. Weight 3.4 kg
  • 15 years expected service life
  • 2 year manufacturers defect warranty

Kalahari 166 4x4 solar kit

Double the output & width of the Namib 83

Kalahari 249 4x4 solar kit

Triple the width and output of the Namib 83




Manufactured by Flexopower energy solutions.