Recovery Gear

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  • Secure Tech recovery kits, snatch straps, kinetic ropes,
  • Snatch blocks,tree trunk protectors, safety lanyards, tow ropes, shackles, drag chains and safety blankets. Snatch straps and ropes matched to your vehicle weight. 8t–16t.,
  • Rud snow chains from Germany, the best in the world(seasonal),
  • Farm Jack’s, 4x4 econo option.
The above Jacks are available in 1.2 m -1.5m.

Explorer 4x4 heavy duty Tyre repair kits.

Jack buddy for vehicles that don’t have hi-lift jacking points.

Portable compressors 160 lt/min.

Tyre deflators - for more information see our 'Hints from Nic' section.