Valuations & Pre-Trip Inspections

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Is your 4x4 adequately insured?

Insurance companies insure vehicles either for retail value or market value. Retail value is what a dealer would sell a vehicle for. Trade value is what a dealer would buy the vehicle for. Market value is the average between trade and retail value. These values are based on the Mead & McGrouther vehicle valuations data base.

Accessories fitted to a vehicle have to be specified separately on the policy. Unless specified you will not be paid out for them should your vehicle be stolen, or if accessories are damaged in a collision.

Be aware that only specialist 4x4 insurers would cover you for trails and cross border expeditions. Also check that you have cover for vehicle repatriation if your vehicle becomes disabled outside S.A.

Explorer 4x4, incorporating Shepherd Motor Assessors (est.1996), does vehicle assessments (28 years experience in total), valuations and are 4x4 accessories specialists. We give written valuations bases on vehicle model, condition, odometer reading and accessories fitted. We can also recommend 4x4 insurance specialists.



Pre-Trip Inspections

At Explorer 4x4 we offer inspections to check if a vehicle is mechanically sound and that accessory fitments are correctly installed and operational. The inspection includes thirty aspects of the vehicle including electrical wiring, correct fuses, recovery points and equipment, fire extinguishers, basic tools etc. We will also recommend additional gear that we think may be required for your trip based our experience.

Advice and basic demonstrations can be arranged on the repair of tyres, hi-lift jack safety, use of recovery equipment, tyre pressures or anything that you maybe unsure of. We do however recommend formal recovery training before using potentially dangerous equipment.

It is important to us to have our clients enjoy a safe hassle free trip.