Three Different Straps


The difference between a tow strap a pull strap & a snatch strap.

A tow strap is 3,5m long and is normally fitted with unrated ‘D’ shackles. To be used for normal towing on public roads, hence the 3,5m length, so that overtaking vehicles can’t push in between the two towing vehicles. These straps often have no rating tags attached.

A pull strap is normally 5m or 10m in length with varying pulling capacity up to 14 ton. Pull straps must have a rating tag attached. These straps are versatile and can be used for towing off road, pulling a vehicle gently out of a stuck situation, and can also be used as a winch cable extension. If used for any purpose other than towing, full recovery procedures need to be followed.

A snatch or kinetic strap is 9m in length and rated 8 ton to 16 ton. Snatch strap ratings should be matched to vehicle mass and these straps must have a rating tag. These straps are made from high tenacity, high elongation, polyamide webbing that have a stretch capability of 20% +. These straps stretch and then rebound hence the increased force of the snatch recovery versus a pull recovery. Always attach equipment to proper recovery points and only use correctly rated shackles. Never roll up a snatch strap after use, let it lie loosely so that it can recover fully. This method of recovery is potentially dangerous and full recovery safety procedures need to be followed strictly. Use recovery blankets and safety lanyards.

Recovery training is highly recommended. See snatch strap at Nic’s hints on website for full snatch recovery procedure.

Safety first, safety second, & safety third!


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