The Spade

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A spade is a very handy tool with many uses, and all 4x4’s should be equipped with one. You get different sized for different applications.

Small fold up spades are easy to pack into an ammo box or drawer, larger spades can be fitted to the roof rack or inside of a load bin with a special spade bracket.


  • Dig a long drop,
  • Dig away sand in front of wheels when stuck,
  • Flatten an approach angle that is too steep,
  • Fill in a cross axle hole if no rocks are around,
  • Dig a braai pit,
  • Dislodge rocks,
  • Carry hot coals for braaing,
  • It can be used as a frying pan,
  • A spade could be used as a weapon,
  • And if you want to be fancy, some even become chairs,
  • Lastly, it looks cool on a roof rack.


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