Soft Shackle

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Ever heard of a soft shackle?

This product is for use when your vehicle does not have a suitable place to attach a bow shackle.

Loop large eye of soft shackle through snatch strap eye as in a figure of eight. (Reef knot)

Then loop soft shackle over cross member or tow bar, (secure point), and push small eye end through loop of snatch strap.

Now place recovery link through small eye and fasten holding strap on the link. Pull up tight for link to be properly positioned.

Attach safety lanyard to snatch strap and suitable place on vehicle.

Attach snatch strap to other vehicle also using a safety lanyard and proceed with the recovery following the correct recovery procedure as per your training or as set out in our snatch strap article on our webpage under hints from Nic.

Safety first; Safety second; Safety third.