RUD Snow Chains


Are you going to Lesotho this winter? Don’t get stuck in the freezing cold with your family.

Make sure you have a set of snow chains.

Good quality snow chains are not cheap but worth every rand.

RUD snow chains from Germany are tried and tested in harsh northern European conditions. They are very easy to fit and offer good grip.

RUD snow chains are tyre size specific, so if you stay with the same size tyre, they will last you a long time.

If you only have one set, fit them to your front wheels so that you also have steering grip.

Don’t forget to take your Secure Tech recovery kit with you so that you can pull other less fortunate adventurers out of trouble.

Beware of ice in corners especially on mountain passes.

Always take space blankets and gloves when venturing into the snow.

Have fun, be safe and respect nature.