Gloves and 4x4's

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We carry gloves to protect our hands, not to keep our hands clean. If your vehicle is fitted with a winch, you should wear thick loose leather gloves. Thick gloves allows you to run the winch cable through your hand whilst keeping tension, and protects your hands from burr’s on the cable that can cause an unpleasant puncture wound. When holding tension near the roller fair lead, one can easily get your hand pulled into the rollers. With a loose glove you would be able to rip your hand out of the glove and avoid serious injury.

Recovery gloves are tighter fitting gloves made from thinner comfortable leather. These are used in all situations when working off road and will protect your hands from sharp edges and burr’s on equipment, hot metals, rope burns, pinching etc. Gloves should also be worn when working with fire wood to protect from thorns and splinters. Also bark scorpions (genus: Uroplectes) are small and not easily visible, but give a nasty sting. Wear gloves when around the camp fire, moving burning logs or the braai grid, and the kettle handle gets hot after a while on the coals.

An injury, even if not severe, could spoil your holiday. We recommend that our clients and fellow travellers do formal 4x4 driving and recovery training as well as a first aid course, all of which can be arranged by Explorer 4x4.


Nasty wire burr, on winch cable

Secure tech recover gloves and thick loose construction gloves